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Friday, 27 June 2014

Arrow Season Three & The Flash Season One Première Dates Announced

Source: WhatCulture
Small-screen heroes will clash on the same channel later this year...
The CW have this week announced the première dates of the third season of their superhero drama Arrow and the first season of its much-anticipated spin-off The Flash. Based in a single interwoven narrative continuity, the two shows follow the origins stories of their respective eponymous DC superheroes, albeit by presenting both characters in a more grounded and thus compelling fashion than many past televised adaptations.

For The Flash's production team, however, the official début of their first full episode (a pilot instalment which pretty much instantly earned enough respect from The CW to warrant a full-season commission on the spot) may end up becoming something of a sore point in their show's immediate history (or future, depending on how one perceives the situation), since said instalment somehow leaked onto the interwebs earlier this year. We've taken a look at "Pilot" (quite honestly, as superhero fans, how could we not?) and without spoiling any major plot details can promise that the studio's latest take on DC's iconic speedster appears to be well on its way to eclipsing Smallville (and perhaps even Arrow, someday) by a fair margin. In the case of Arrow, of course, there really is very little to be hesitant about at this stage, mainly due to the fact that the series has more than established itself as a stellar isolated (well, partially) entry in its genre that easily holds its own against its big-screen competitors, and with potential crossovers between the two programmes all but guaranteed, the future seems to be looking increasingly brighter for the pair...

The Flash dashes onto The CW for the first time this October 7th and Arrow returns to the US channel for its action-packed third season on October 8th. Sky1 will no doubt announce UK airdates for both shows in due course.

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