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OS Cover Image

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

First Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor US Comics Cover Art Released

Source: TARDIS Wiki
Even if he doesn't go Stateside in Season Eight, the Twelfth Doctor has at least a few American escapades ahead of him.
BBC Worldwide and Titan Magazines have today released the cover art for the first issue of their 2014 Doctor Who US comic-strip collaboration. Starring Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor, the upcoming series of graphically novelized time-travelling adventures will also see the return of Jenna Coleman's ever-charming and ever-loyal assistant character Clara Oswald.

Although the majority of the four variant covers utilize promotional images from press releases and seasons gone by, we must confess that we're overwhelmingly pleased with Alice X Zhang's contributions (the first version, below) and if they're any indication of the tone of Season Eight and the Twelfth Doctor overall, then we're in for a treat come the end of the Summer. Speculation is rife, naturally, that Clara will leave the TARDIS at the end of Season Eight (the vast majority of modern companions have only stuck around for one-two seasons in the past), though, so if nothing else, let's hope that Titan provide her comic-book incarnation with a worthy send-off to coincide with her on-screen departure.

Doctor Who returns with a new series of interdimensional voyages on BBC One this August and Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Issue 01 will be published in the US of A in October.

(Cover Images Source: SFX)

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