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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Metro Redux Release Date Announced

Source: Nvidia
Experience 2033 and Last Light together for the first time on next-gen consoles next month!
Deep Silver have this week announced the US and UK release dates of their upcoming first-person-shooter video game compilation Metro Redux. Merging Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light into one cohesive budget-priced package, Redux will launch exclusively on next-generation platforms with a host of upgraded gameplay features and refined aesthetic aspects.

There's still a major problem that the product will have to overcome in order to fully take advantage of the lack of AAA video gaming releases in August, though, and that's the lack of general hype surrounding the Metro series at present. Much as goodwill helped sustain Tomb Raider and Rayman Legends' sales upon their conversion to Xbox One and PS4 titles, it's difficult to imagine that the same will necessarily be said of what is arguably a last-ditch effort on Deep Silver's part to revive an oft-forgotten saga of dystopian FPS narratives. Keep it On-Screen in the coming weeks for more on Metro Redux and other still to-be-announced hi-res editions of acclaimed (or otherwise) titles from the previous generation of consoles.

Metro Redux infiltrates PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles this August 26th in the United States and on August 29th in the United Kingdom.

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