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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Coming Up This Week: July 8th-14th

The Summer of Film is reaching its epicentre as two of its biggest blockbusters hit cinemas this week!
Although the next seven days aren't exactly jam-packed with new releases, those titles which are on our shores are without a doubt some of the biggest entries within 2013's entertainment roster. Now that the Summer of Film is fully underway, the war is truly on, and the latest pair of instalments in its line-up are hugely anticipated by two respective fanbases.

Without further ado, then, let's look ahead to this week's offerings. Sufficed to say, if monsters, robots or detectives are your thing, then the next seven days have you covered:
MONSTERS' UNIVERSITY- Those of us around to remember Disney's classic 2001 film Monsters' Inc will recall that it was one of the Pixar studio's all-time greatest productions. No pressure, then, on Pixar to deliver with their impending prequel instalment Monsters' University. All the same, the narrative seems like another charmer, chronicling the college days of Mike and Sully as they race to become the ultimate scarers, and learn a few vital truths about friendship and perseverance along the way. This perhaps won't be quite the game-changer its predecessor (or sequel?) was, but should be worth a watch nevertheless. (Friday 12th)
PACIFIC RIM- Guillermo Del Toro is back on the big screen roster with his visually stunning new CGI blockbuster. Pacific Rim is one of the most ambitious projects we've seen since Avatar in 2009, melding together top-notch direction of real-world locales with some of the most accomplished animation since we met those blue natives of Pandora four years ago. What remains to be seen is whether Del Toro can eclipse standard robot-wars flicks like Transformers in terms of narrative, yet if he does, then there could be a major shift in the paradigm of perception of action blockbusters from a critical perspective! (Friday 12th)
SHERLOCK: A SCANDAL IN BELGRAVIA REPEAT- As revealed last Friday, each episode of BBC One's season of Sherlock Season Two repeats will feature one of the three words forming the title for Steven Moffat's upcoming Season Three finale. The Wimbledon competition's extended running time meant the screening of A Scandal In Belgravia was delayed by a week, so now we have the chance to discover part of the title of an episode that could change everything for the show in the days ahead...(Friday 12th)
AND THERE'S MORE- Well, not much more, but still. The Village: Series One launches on DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow, and for those of you who missed it, the show is well worth a watch for fans of Great War and period dramas. Meanwhile, in the absence of many more DVDs to experience, why not watch the brilliantly charming Warm Bodies released last week, or perhaps the intense magic thriller Now You See Me out now in cinemas?
AND NEXT WEEK...Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright bring us the apocalyptic final instalment of the Cornetto Trilogy as The World's End crawls into cinemas everywhere. On top of that, the San Diego ComicCon brings with it a world of big news announcements, and Sherlock: The Hounds of Baskerville continues the hunt for Season Three's finale title among its fanbase.

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