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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sherlock Series Three US Broadcast Announced

When will the Great Detective return to American screens? What hints does this window provide for UK fans?
PBS Studios have today announced the broadcast window for Sherlock Series Three in the United States. Set one year after the dramatic events of the second season's finale, the new run will chronicle the return of Sherlock Holmes after his faked demise, the wedding of John Watson and a deadly new threat to the sanctity of 221B Baker Street.

PBS will broadcast Sherlock Series Three in 2014, the television studio has now confirmed. In the case of Series Two, PBS broadcasted the run in February 2012, one month after the broadcast of the run in the UK over New Year 2012. Rumours are abound that we will subsequently receive Series Three this Christmas as part of BBC One's dedicated Christmas line-up of programmes, although this naturally has yet to be confirmed. Expect more details to surface direct from the BBC in the next few days.

Sherlock returns to BBC One for a third season of three ninety-minute adventures in late 2013.

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