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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

LoveFilm Game Rental Termination Announced

The hit rental service will no longer include video games in its future offerings- all the details, right here.
LoveFilm.com have today announced the termination of their video game rental service. This service, allowing players to rent video games for any length of time they desired, was set up in 2012 yet will come to a close later this year. It's likely been a difficult decision for LoveFilm, probably fuelled by a lack of interest in the scheme and perhaps even by the hazy guidelines regarding rentals on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Nevertheless, at least for those UK gamers keen to continue rentals, services such as Blockbuster Video still exist for players to use in the months ahead. Also, for the most part, from what we know the next-generation consoles will not forbid these services, so there should be life yet in such offerings from rental services in the near future. Naturally, though, it's something of a shame to see this service terminated, as it marks an ending to a popular scheme of cheap video game experiences.

LoveFilm.com's video game rental service will terminate on August 8th.

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