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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Batman: Arkham Knight "Evening The Odds" Gameplay Trailer Released

Source: CDN
Rocksteady conclude the journey of their incarnation of the Dark Knight!
Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and Rocksteady Studios have this week released the first full game-play trailer for their open-world action-adventure video game Batman: Arkham Knight. Titled "Evening the Odds", this exhilarating video clip teases major new additions to the franchise's engine including the Batmobile, an open-world Gotham City (no, Origins doesn't count) and near photo-realistic visuals to boot.

Our only main concern? For all its swagger and graphical bombast, there's very little on display in the trailer that strongly distinguishes the intended finale to the Arkham series from its two (or three, if you're willing to count WB Montreal's disappointing 2012 instalment) predecessors, not least since it only emphasises the trademark free-flow combat and gadgets of days gone by. If the Penguin, Scarecrow and the other pre-established villains all play a more meaningful role within Knight's hefty character ensemble alongside the titular "Arkham Knight" who threatens to blow the Caped Crusader's brains out in the trail's closing moments, perhaps it'll match Arkham Asylum (2009) and Arkham City (2011) as a surefire Game of the Year contender, yet for now, we have our suspicions about just how fresh our latest venture into the world of the Dark Knight will feel...

Batman: Arkham Knight swoops onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this Autumn.

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