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Monday, 12 May 2014

People Just Do Nothing iPlayer Première Date Announced

BBC iPlayer faces its greatest challenge yet- can it bring its own quality content to the table?
The BBC have today announced the première date for the first season of their new comedy TV series People Just Do Nothing. Taking the form of a "mockumentary", in the studio's own words, the programme will follow hit projects such as Come Fly With Me and The Trip to Italy in eschewing and parodying the traditional documentary format in (ideally) humorous ways.

Rather than débuting via one of the corporation's traditional domains such as BBC One or BBC Two, however, the series will instead première on their BBC iPlayer online content service. Previously, the iPlayer was known for its recycling of those programmes which had aired on the Beeb's standard channels earlier in the week, but as BBC Three moves ever closer to becoming a digital-only entity, so too must the creative minds at the studio come up with original content which can release exclusively (or for a timed period) online. Enter People Just Do Nothing, an innovative production thought up by a team of (relative) amateurs, the first season of which will be uploaded in full so as to give viewers the opportunity to "binge watch" (as Ash Atalla- the Executive Producer of Roughtcut Television- brands the current social trend) the entire series in a similar vein to Netflix's approach to TV streaming. We'll have a comprehensive review of the show's initial run in the weeks ahead here at On-Screen- stay tuned.

People Just Do Nothing will première its hilarious four-episode first season on the BBC iPlayer service tomorrow, May 13th, and the series will then air on BBC Three this September.

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