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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

New Doctor Who Season Eight Director Announced

Source: Fanpop
Do you hear a familiar distorted wheezing in the air? The TARDIS is getting closer...
Film UFC have today revealed the identity of another director set to helm multiple episodes of the eighth season of the BBC's critically acclaimed science-fiction drama Doctor Who. Comprising of twelve (or thirteen- we're not completely sure just yet!) forty-five minute instalments, the show's next run will fully introduce Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor whilst additionally seeing the return of Jenna Coleman as the Doctor's ever-faithful companion Clara Oswald.

Joining Douglas McKinnon, Paul Murphy, Paul Wilmshurst and Ben Wheatley in the list of confirmed directors for Season Eight is Rachel Talalay. Best known for her work as the aesthetic mastermind of episodes of fantasy shows such as Haven, Supernatural and Continuum, Talalay is sure to be well suited to the realms of science-fiction, especially with the latter project having revolved around a time-travel narrative anyway. The US producer confirmed to Film UFC that she has been commissioned to direct two episodes of this year's series, although at the time she was unable to disclose whether the pair would form a two-part tale or not. Word has it that Episodes 1-9 will be standalone romps with Episodes 10-12 forming an action-packed three-part finale written by Steven Moffat that'll presumably start to bring his era as showrunner to a close, with the Christmas Special likely to be his final contribution, but take these reports with a grain of salt until we hear an official update on the matter!

Doctor Who returns to BBC One for a new series of intergalactic escapades this Autumn.

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