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Monday, 12 May 2014

Glee Season Six Première Window Delayed

Source: Glee Wiki
Don't expect the New Directions to take their final bow until late 2015...
20th Century Fox have today announced a delay in the production of the sixth season of their comedy-musical-drama Glee. Originally scheduled to air later this year, the show will in fact not return to our screens before the end of 2014.

That's not all that's up for grabs, either- Fox Entertainment's president Kevin Reilly went on to hint at today's Upfronts press conference that Season Six may not comprise of twenty-two episodes (nor will Season Five, the episode count of which was reduced to 20 last month). "We need to sit down with [Glee's exec producer] Ryan Murphy on how to end it," Reilly said, "[but] the advantage of airing [Glee] later in the season is that it doesn't have to feel the pressure of delivering." In this instance, we sincerely hope that Reilly was referring to the pressure of delivering so many episodes rather than high quality content, since it would be a crying shame for the series to go out on such a low note that it comes to be regarded in disdain by its own studio!

Glee will return with its sixth and final season of musical antics in 2015.

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