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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons Cancelled

Source: Wookiepedia
May the Force be with all future Star Wars video games...except this one.
Disney Interactive Studios have this week announced the cancellation of their massively multiplayer online role-playing video game Star Wars: Attack Squadrons. Originally set for release later this year, the game took the form of a space combat experience where players could take control of classic vehicles from the acclaimed sci-fi saga such as X-Wings and Tie Fighters in aerial PvP dogfights above fan-favourite planets from the franchise's part.

For those who weren't following the project as it entered the latter stages of its development period, what has proved to be the most significant contributory factor to its cancellation is the fact that Attack Squadrons was in its beta phase until this point. Whereas Star Wars: Battlefront is in development over at DICE and is all but guaranteed to hit our consoles next year (as part of a licensing deal between Disney and EA), Disney Interactive are apparently testing out a few different ideas in the lead-up to Episode VII's December 2015 release, and sadly, Area 52 Games' title just hasn't made the cut. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to any members of the project's development team who may be left in search of a new job sooner or later as a result of this reasonable (provided that the gameplay hitches were detrimental enough to warrant the axe, that is) financial move.

Star Wars: Battlefront will wage war on an unannounced set of consoles in 2015.

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