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Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Pete Holmes Show Cancelled

Source: Gamefob
Everyone's favourite US comedian joins the Ex-Men in employment purgatory!
TBS have this week announced the cancellation of their long-running chat and comedy sketch show The Pete Holmes Show. Hosted by (we'll give you three guesses) none other than Pete Holmes himself, the series featured a considerable number of hilarious ongoing skits which managed to attract thousands upon thousands of views once released on YouTube shortly after their initial televised broadcast.

With this in mind, we're genuinely saddened to see the show go, even if its fledging ratings over in the States served as a prominent indicator of its imminent demise. Holmes never ceased to be a charismatic and witty presenter whose weekly output ranged from simply enjoyable to downright gut-wrenchingly funny, the latter sensation most consistently evident in his inspired range of Ex-Men sketches (seriously, if you've yet to watch them, try out the "Wolverine" clip below!) and his parodies of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy (a compilation of which can also be watched below). Whereas anyone could have called the axing of Revolution and The Tomorrow People, the increasingly widespread positive reactions which surrounded this particular production throughout its three-season history made its future a little more difficult to predict, and out of respect for all of their fine work here, we wish everyone involved with the show the very best of luck in finding worthy employment elsewhere.

The final episode of The Pete Holmes Show will air this June 19th on TBS, and as per usual, the main sketches from the send-off will be posted on YouTube soon after their première.

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