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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Doctor Who Season Eight Teaser Trailer & Broadcast Window Revealed

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Meet the new Doctor in a familiar TARDIS console room...
The BBC have this week released the teaser trailer for the upcoming eighth season of their hit science-fiction drama Doctor Who, as well as announcing details of when we can expect the Twelfth Doctor's first adventures to broadcast. Set to pick up directly after the climax of The Time of the Doctor, the new run will star Peter Capaldi as the ageless Time Lord, Jenna Coleman as his travelling assistant Clara Oswald and Samuel Anderson as aspiring TARDIS recruit Danny Pink.

Eagle-eyed fans amongst you may well notice from the official image above that we're getting a slightly revised logo for Season Eight, albeit one which doesn't differ substantially from what came before in the 2012-13 episodes. Given that Russell T Davies spent four years at the helm of Who, it wouldn't come as any major shock if current show-runner Steven Moffat elects to head elsewhere at the end of the 2014 block of instalments, in which case you needn't become attached to the latest official branding for the show, since whoever takes his place as its central executive producer will no doubt initiate a promotional overhaul in much the same vein as the Davies-Moffat handover in 2010.

Doctor Who returns for a new series of time-travelling escapades this August on BBC One.

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