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Monday, 19 May 2014

Worms: Battlegrounds Announced

Source: Digital Spy
Armaments at the ready! The cult classic 2D-RTS franchise lands on next-gen consoles...
Team17 have today announced the development of Worms Battlegrounds for release later this year (later this month, in fact) on next-generation video games hardware. Set to feature over 60 weapons and 10 new items for long-term fans of the strategy series to experiment with for hours on end, Battlegrounds will also showcase the potential graphical fidelity of future animation-themed graphical efforts on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, and given the immensely satisfying visual style which presented itself in 2013's Rayman Legends, such a showcase can't possibly be perceived as a negative event.

That said, those who come to Battlegrounds looking for it to initiate a radical overhaul of what is now a rapidly-decaying gameplay formula will probably walk away disappointed. Team17 seem just as adamant as Nintendo are with their similarly tired Pokemon saga about sticking to what they (and their fanbase) know best as opposed to keeping with the times and aspiring for Game of the Year candidacy. We'd admire their relaxed perspective more if it didn't seem to border on complacency these days, but sadly, the latter adjective serves as a far more apt description of the series' current critical status, and that its latest title will be released solely on digital marketplaces speaks wonders for its consistently mediocre output at present.

Worms: Battlegrounds will retail on the Xbox One's Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation 4's PSN store this May 30th.

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