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Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Tomorrow People Cancelled

Stephen Amell's brother doesn't share his sibling's luck when it comes to The CW's 2014/15 season.
The CW have today announced the cancellation of their science-fiction drama The Tomorrow People. Starring Robbie Amell (brother to Arrow's Stephen), Peyton List and Mark Pellegrino, the US show (which was in fact a remake of a 1970s UK programme of the same name) ran for twenty-two weeks, airing the final episode of its first and only season on Monday, May 5th.

Whereas we'd usually lament the demise of a US TV franchise in its youth, in this instance it's clear that the studio in question is providing compensation in abundance with a host of other hot upcoming productions. As you'll have seen if you've read some of the other TV-themed posts we've uploaded tonight, The CW are bringing The Flash and iZombie to our screens later this year, and a quick glance at the list of other seasons which have been commissioned today over at Deadline should provide any doubters with all of the evidence that they need to realise that the hole which The Tomorrow People leaves in our schedules later this year will be relatively minute. Nonetheless, we'd like to wish Robbie, his co-stars and the production team the very best of luck as they seek gainful employment elsewhere in the coming weeks.

The Tomorrow People continues its UK run on E4 with "Modus Vivendi" this Wednesday, May 14th at 9pm.

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