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Monday, 12 May 2014

New Doctor Who Season Eight Guest Star Announced

Source: MSN
Peter Capaldi faces a blast from his character's past in the BBC sci-fi's latest run.
The BBC have today announced a new guest star set to feature in the upcoming eighth season (or the thirty-fourth, if you've kept count since 1963) of their hit science-fiction drama Doctor Who. Set to air on BBC One later this year, the show's next run will star Peter Capaldi as the titular eternal Time Lord, Jenna Coleman as his travelling companion Clara Oswald and Samuel Anderson as Coal Hill School teacher Danny Pink.

What with the BBC's new period drama The Crimson Field having just reached its dramatic climax last night, it's only apt that the Who production team have confirmed that one of the former's regular cast members is attached to an upcoming episode of the latter. Hermione Norris played Matron Grace Carter in the aforementioned World War One programme's first season, and she'll play an as-of-yet unannounced role in either the seventh or eighth episode of Capaldi's own freshman run. The instalment in question will be penned by Peter Harness and directed by Paul Wilmhurst.

Not content with revealing the latest addition to the increasingly hefty Season Eight cast ensemble, executive producer Steven Moffat also confirmed that the production team will film Norris and Harness' episode abroad in Lanzarote. The last story which prompted filming in this location was the 1984 Peter Davison tale "Planet of Fire", and as if to provoke mass speculation from fans of the programme's classic era, Moffat went on to tease that Harness' script sees the Twelfth Doctor "retur[n] to the scene of an old adventure", only to find that "there have been sinister changes since his last visit"!

Doctor Who will return with a new series of intergalactic escapades on BBC One this Autumn.

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