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Monday, 12 May 2014

Broadchurch Season Two Returning Cast Members Announced

Source: Metro UK
Alec Hardy, Ellie Miller and Reverend Paul Coates will return for further investigations....
The Radio Times have today announced the names of five central cast members from the first season of iTV's detective drama Broadchurch who will reprise their roles in the show's upcoming second run. First broadcast in the Summer of 2013, the original series centred on the death of a boy and the ramifications (both personal and legal) this event had for the previously tranquil fictitious Devonshire village from which the programme derives its name.

This writer has yet to watch the first run in its entirety, so rest assured that the article you're about to read will be virtually devoid of spoilers regarding its climax and the identity of young Danny's murderer. What should come as little surprise given the widespread acclaim that emerged from the performances is that Doctor Who's David Tennant, Rev's Olivia Colman and Once: The Musical's Arthur Darvill will each reprise their Season One roles as DI Alec Hardy, DI Ellie Miller and Reverend Paul Coates respectively later this year. In addition, Jodie Whittaker and Andrew Buchan will both return to the roles of Danny's parents, albeit in an unspecified narrative capacity- indeed, unless Season Two is simply intended to tie up its predecessor's loose threads, you'd expect the alluring who-dunnit mystery which presents itself this time around to be completely separated from the Danny incident and thus to hardly necessitate their presence...

Broadchurch will return to iTV with a second eight-part run of sixty-minute instalments this Winter.

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