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Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Flash First Season Commissioned

Grant Gustin speeds into action in the aftermath of his Arrow début this Autumn.
The CW have today announced the commissioning of a full season of their superhero drama The Flash. A spin-off series based in the world of Arrow, the show will star Glee and Arrow's Grant Gustin in the titular role of DC's fastest and most wily super-powered vigilante.

You'll be seeing plenty more articles along these lines in the next few days, since now is the time when US TV studios announce whether they'll renew or cancel their ongoing productions and additionally whether they'll take some of their brewing projects further than a pilot episode. The Flash never appeared to be in any great danger of falling prey to the axe, particularly given the ever-increasing widespread popularity of Arrow and indeed the DC Cinematic Universe as a whole (no matter how diverse its various strands), but all the same, we're pleased to hear that The CW have found another potential gem here and will await the first season in its entirety with avid anticipation!

The Flash will première on The CW this Autumn.

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