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Thursday, 8 May 2014

iZombie First Season Commissioned

Source: Comic Vine
And you thought that Arrow's narrative premise was bizarre...
The CW have today announced the commissioning of a full first season of their newly-revealed fantasy drama iZombie. Based loosely on the 2010 standalone DC comic-book saga of the same name, the series will play out from the perspective of a zombie-turned-homicide detective who utilizes the unique set of abilities afforded to her by her newfound undead lifestyle to solve Stateside mysteries.

A procedural format looks to be the firm order of the day for this rather unprecedented project, and whilst the zombie sub-genre is undoubtedly crowded to the point of exhaustion in 2014, that we know so little about how exactly iZombie will operate essentially relegates the show to "don't judge a book by its cover" territory for now. Despite the franchise's connections to the wider DC universe, we'd advise caution when it comes to expecting its first on-screen adaptation to have connections to Man of Steel, Arrow, The Flash, Constantine or Gotham- if necessary, its writing team may even opt to situate the narrative at a substantially belated point in the universe's timeline so as to avoid the needless possibility of crossovers.

iZombie awakens and rises from its tomb to haunt The CW this Autumn.

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