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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Metro: Redux Announced

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2033 and Last Light join together to form a blazing next-generation FPS experience.
Deep Silver have this week announced the development of Metro: Redux for release later this year on next-generation consoles. Developed by 4A Games, the compilation package will pair up the 2010 first-person-shooter Metro 2033 with its 2013 successor Metro: Last Light.

Both of these titles were crafted by 4A first time round, so fans are undoubtedly in safe hands here. That said, neither 2033 nor Last Light were received phenomenally from a critical perspective, the former having amassed a 77% average score on Metacritic in the four years since its release (on Xbox 360) and the latter having only upped the ante with an 80% rating, and whilst neither of those two scores are abysmal in the slightest (quite the opposite, really, since it's becoming increasingly challenging for developers to take reviewers- yours truly included- by surprise these days), they're not exactly at the same level as The Last of Us, Tomb Raider or Rayman Legends, each of which wholeheartedly earned their next-gen conversion. Deep Silver must surely be investing a decent amount of dinero in this project, and to be quite frank, we can't help but wonder if they'll need to prepare for a noteworthy financial loss once pre-order figures begin to arrive.

Metro: Redux will retail for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this Summer.

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