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Monday, 19 May 2014

Minions Teaser Poster Débuts

Source: Wikipedia
Despicable Me's charismatic yellow bringers of chaos are back in their own feature film next Summer.
Illumination Entertainment have today released the first promotional poster (see left) for their upcoming animated movie Minions. Taking place decades before the events of Despicable Me, this spin-off instalment in the hit comedy franchise will (as its title suggests) focus exclusively on Gru's Minions and their quest to find their first villainous overlord before coming into contact with Steve Carrell's lovable anti-hero.

Feel free to plunder the deepest recesses of your inner psyche in order to ascertain whether there are any underlying messages to be found in the poster, but all we can gain from the image at present is that everyone's favourite enslaved band of workers (speaking of which, surely a sequel titled 12 Years A Minion must already be in the works?) will still don their trademark goggles and dungarees in their third cinematic outing. If nothing else, we should expect to see further promotional images either based on or taken directly from the main feature as the Summer progresses, and if we're lucky, a fully-fledged teaser trailer may crop up before too long.

Minions wreaks havoc in cinemas worldwide on July 10th, 2015.

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