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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Star Trek Into Darkness Sequel Director Announced

Source: Star Trek Movie
J.J. Abrams leaves his rebooted sci-fi series in safe hands.
Paramount Pictures have today announced (via Variety) the director of the upcoming follow-up to their hit 2012 motion picture Star Trek Into Darkness. Based loosely on the classic TV show of the same name, the new Star Trek films star Chris Pine as Captain James Kirk along with Zachary Quinto as Spock, Zoe Saldana as Uhura and plenty of other beloved UK and US thespians amongst their well-rounded cast ensemble.

Unsurprisingly, future Star Wars helm J.J. Abrams won't be controlling the Enterprise's next on-screen voyage; instead, Roberto Orci (who's also the secondary scribe of its screenplay) will direct the franchise's third big-screen outing in his place. Although Orci has a considerable degree of filmic experience under his belt, having co-written major screenplays such as those of The Legend of Zorro and more recently The Amazing Spider-Man 2, this will in fact be his first contribution to the industry as a director, and with that in mind, you have to wonder whether Paramount wouldn't have been better off assigning him to a more low-key production first so as to test the waters before letting him loose on one of their most successful brands to date. What's done is done, though, and we're eager to see how the man who worked on the script for the 2011 franchise reboot will evolve the series from here on out.

The much-anticipated third chapter in the Star Trek film saga will set its phasers to astound in cinemas worldwide in 2016.

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