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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Death of Wolverine Comic-Book Arc Announced

An iconic, once-eternal Marvel superhero meets his end this Autumn!
Marvel Comics have today announced the publication of a new series of comic-books based on the most iconic member of their long-running X-Men series' ensemble of gifted 'youngsters'. Titled Death of Wolverine, the four-part arc will chronicle the downfall of James Howlett, better known to the world (and the Marvel Universe) at large as Wolverine.

As you'd expect from an announcement of this ilk, specifically one which lands months and months ahead of the series in question's publication, details on the arc itself, its structure (well, bar the supposedly inevitable climax, of course) and its ramifications for other characters in the Marvel Universe are non-existent at this point in time. We do already know that a storyline called 3 Months To Live will launch this Summer ahead of Death's première later in the year, presumably centring on the as-of-yet unrevealed event which causes Logan to lose his long-term mutant power of immortality. Since countless arcs featuring the character have focused on the aformentioned ability being both a blessing and a curse to its possessor, that scribe Charles Soule and artist Steve McNiven have elected to craft a narrative which finally depicts Wolverine's demise makes complete sense, but just how much sustained longevity this event will have, especially given that dozens upon dozens of Marvel superheroes have defied death in days gone by.

The first issue of Death of Wolverine will be published in US comic-book retailers this September.

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