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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

In The Flesh Season Two Première Date Announced

BBC Three's (possible) saviour returns to our screens next month!
The BBC have today announced the première date of the second season of their supernatural drama In The Flesh. Starring Dominic Mitchell, the show focuses on a village called Roarton which has become infested with not-so-mindless hordes of the undead. As clichéd a premise as this might sound, we'd advise that you try out the spectacular first season before passing judgement on the series, since you just might find Season Two to be one of the surprise hits of this year.

In case you're wondering, the news itself comes from BBC Three's Tumblr account, where the channel have slowly revealed the date in question through a series of fragmented images of an ancient grave, inscribed with the relevant details as its epitaph. May will be a pretty hectic period for the TV industry, with Game of Thrones continuing its domination of the airwaves over in the States (and here too, of course) and Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and Arrow both heading towards their finales at the month's halfway point. In The Flesh is in luck, though, since bar Britain's Got Talent, UK TV schedules for the next month or so are relatively empty, offering BBC Three an unparalleled opportunity to make their mark on their domestic viewership and in doing so to establish themselves as a viable digital broadcaster ahead of their impending demise (of sorts).

In The Flesh returns for its high-octane second season on BBC Three this May 4th at 10pm (will it be called In The Force for one day only, we wonder? Apologies.).

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