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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Destiny "Strike" Gameplay Trailer Released

Bungie steps ever further out of the shadow of the Halo franchise with another video preview of their hottest project yet.
Activision Games and Bungie have this week released a new seven-minute gameplay clip (below) of their upcoming online role-playing first-person-shooter video game Destiny. Titled "Strike", the video preview depicts a co-operative mission involving multiple players infiltrating the ominously-named Devil's Lair on an as-of-yet unnamed alien planet.

Much as Bungie have tried to deny Destiny's connections to their best-selling Halo saga, fans of the developers such as this writer struggled to believe that they could truly escape their roots, regardless of whether or not their next franchise was exclusive to Xbox consoles (which it's not, so PlayStation owners can breathe a hearty sigh of relief). Until now, that is. Although there are some inevitable comparisons to be drawn on an aesthetic basis between this product and the Master Chief's intergalactic escapades, the former of the two looks set moreso than any of its 2014 genre competitors to revolutionize the first-person-shooter once again (just as Bungie did with the latter back in 2001, in fact). Short of a colossal server failure at launch (thank goodness EA isn't on publishing duties, eh?), this refreshingly audacious FPS experience has every right to establish itself as a fierce Game of the Year contender (and indeed, it's already well on its way to doing so).

Destiny will retail for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on September 9th.

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